Your Dreams Are Our Wish Come True

Growing up, Michael was known as the local Clark Griswold. 

If it made light, he loved it!


As soon as he could walk he was helping his mom & dad put lights up for Christmas & Halloween. When he got a little older, 

he was putting landscape lights in the front yard 

& lights around his pool deck, for fun!

Light adds beauty, emotion & security, it is his passion, 

& the passion of "Holiday Wishes Lighting & Decor, LLC". 

Holiday Wishes Lighting & Decor, LLC was created to bring professional & affordable lighting & decor

to every family & business.  


Today, Michael & his wife Courtney, along with our team of designers & installers, serve the Tulsa area. 

When you hire Holiday Wishes, you become apart of the family. That means we decorate your home, business & event 

like its our very own.


Every light is hung with care, every reindeer placed intentionally,

& every Jack-O-Lantern chosen with you in mind.

We will create a beautiful display or Event

that will create lasting memories. 

Give us a call or message us today

to learn more and schedule your free estimate. 


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